How Improving Facilities Can Cost-Effectively Transform a Community

Time and again research touts the role of beauty in community satisfaction. The study City Beautiful notes, "'Beautiful cities' disproportionately attracted highly educated individuals and experienced faster housing price appreciation... Rents, incomes, and educational attainment increased faster in such 'beautiful neighborhoods'".

Part of what goes into making a community beautiful and therefore more attractive is its public spaces, i.e. parks and recreational facilities. The study goes on to say, "Cities around the world have attempted to leverage public investments in leisure spaces and beautification to spur demographic change and economic development."

When looking to improve a community cost effectively, consider investing in its recreational facilities and amenities. Baseball dugouts, concession stands, and restrooms all reflect a community's character, and influence whether it's perceived as a desirable location for residents and visitors to spend time and money. Nice facilities attract sports teams, events, and families, while spurring community growth.

Consider restroom facilities, for example. Portable toilets are unpleasant visually and experientially, and while cheap at the onset, continually renting can get rather costly. Traditional site-built restroom buildings, while much nicer aesthetically, can be very time and cost intensive, not lending themselves to easily fitting into a yearly budget.

Notably, erecting premium facilities needn't necessarily incur long lead times. Facilities budgets are often "use it or lose it" - meaning funds not used by the end of the year are forfeited. While that doesn't allow much time for traditional site-built construction, funds can be allocated to precast concrete modular buildings, which can be installed quickly while also incorporating a custom look and feel.

Design options are virtually endless. From the use of architectural form liners for a custom designed exterior, interior floor plans, restroom and HVAC options, lighting, colors, and finishes, these buildings are designed to seamlessly fit into a community's look and feel. Highly durable, they are built to last upwards of 75 years, with materials that can stand up to severe weather, fire, and vandalization.

Contact us to discuss how precast concrete modular buildings can improve your community while fitting into your budget. We pride ourselves on providing custom, high quality solutions that fit your needs.

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