What Does Leesburg Concrete's Design Process Look Like?

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Leesburg Concrete recognizes the importance of aesthetics in a building's design—so we make the process as efficient as possible while providing the opportunity for virtually limitless customization.

The design process starts with an initial client consult during which we work with potential clients to understand their needs. "We talk not only about what they want inside of the building," says Leesburg Concrete Vice President Kirk Rouse, "but also how they want the building to look architecturally.

We discuss customization options including the use of form liners for a custom designed exterior, interior floor plans, restroom and HVAC options, lighting, colors, and finishes. "We use a myriad of different formliners for architectural finishes, anything from the appearance of brick, to split face block, barnboard, futuristic finishes, sandblasting, and integral color that can stand up to the elements." From there, we develop a designed solution that fits the needs of the clients. All of this is done prior to any money exchanging hands, and carries no obligation.

Once satisfied with the design, we work with our in-house engineer to deliver elevations, plan views, and a submittal package. The engineering of our precast concrete buildings is reviewed and approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) for conformance to the various building codes. When completed, an insignia is provided by DBPR and is attached to the building. This streamlines the review and approval process of the local building code compliance authorities, equating to considerable time savings when compared to traditional site-built construction.

Leesburg Concrete is proud to offer services tailored to our customers' needs. We work with you each step of the way to deliver a turnkey product that is exactly what you want.

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