Our History

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc., Incorporated was established in 1983. This American, family-owned and operated company was founded on a philosophy of quality and innovation that has been carried through to today.

Leesburg Concrete provided prefabricated steps for commercial and residential users throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond. 1988 brought about the landmark American With Disabilities Act (ADA) which required schools, government offices and businesses to provide access to the mobility impaired. LCCI’s entrepreneurial spirit resulted in the creation of a unique ADA ramp product that is modular, relocatable, safe, and maintenance-free. This system is ideal for bringing portable classrooms, professional offices, and existing buildings into ADA compliance.

In 2009, Leesburg Concrete built a new batch plant using the newest technology offered and expanded the metal fabrication facility. In 2010, we became a NPCA Certified plant and in 2018 we became a PCI Certified Plant. The metal shop is DOT certified.

Leesburg Concrete further diversified during the economic downturn, strategically broadening their product base. By adding additional products such as precast concrete stairs, Architectural Precast Concrete Wall Panels/ SlenderWall®, Easi-Set®, and Easi-Span® precast concrete buildings and restrooms, relocatable precast concrete loading dock ramps, precast concrete boardwalk systems for PermaTrak®, custom precast concrete and metal railings LCCI was able to grow their business and sustain their workforce.

Today Leesburg Concrete competes and wins in all of these markets. LCCI is proud to produce a wide array of products from quantities of simple precast treads to beautiful multi-color, multi-texture wall panels and architectural precast concrete cladding. Please see our photo gallery for a few examples of our work or schedule a visit to our 34-acre facility to discuss how we can help you with your project.

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