Logan - Wet (Hudson Series - Gabled Roof Style)

The Logan Wet Model, an economical single flush restroom building. It is ideal for small parks, measuring 11' 6" x 10' 3". This model is delivered fully-assembled, pre-wired, pre-plumbed and ADA Compliant. There is a variety of finishes and colors, allowing it to blend with location. The Gabled roof comes standard with a Cedar Shake finish. This model comes standard with stainless steel fixtures, but other fixture options can be specified to meet your budgetary needs.

Interior Width
11 ft 3 in
Interior Length
7 ft 2 in
Exterior Width
13 ft 1 in
Exterior Length
12 ft
Interior Building Height
± 7 ft 6 5/8 in Low
± 8 ft 10 7/8 in High
Exterior Building Height
9 ft 8 in
Wall Thickness
Roof Overhang
8 in (All Sides)
Engineering Inc
11 ft 6 in x 10 ft 3 in
Pat Post Tensioned Roof
Pat Post Tensioned Floor
ADA Compliant
Stainless Steel or Your Spec
Roofing Style