The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Precast Concrete Building

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on January 9, 2020

easi-set-precast-concrete-multi-stall-restroom-15-webLooking into buying a precast concrete building? In researching the options and partners available, there are a few common areas where variances between producers can turn into bigger challenges down the road. Whether you’re looking into precast concrete restroom, concession, utility or other types of buildings, keep these items in mind to ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

1. Adherence to Specification

When bidding on a job, a manufacturer may include some, but not all items included in the full specification. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to properly deduce exactly which items from the specification are included or excluded in the bid. If you don’t catch these details at the front end of a project, it can cause major hangups down the road. 

For instance, a specification may include a high-quality, heavy duty or bullet resistant door. A producer may include a lesser quality door on the bid to keep costs down. If this is overlooked and the job is agreed upon, this can put the general contractor in a difficult spot when it comes time for installation. At that point, they will either need to accept a product that is not what was originally intended, or come up with extra funds to swap items.

At Leesburg Concrete, we value transparency in the process. That’s why we make every effort to clearly lay out exactly what is included in our easy-to-read proposals. You can expect a bulleted list of the specific items from the specifications that are included, as well as a list of those that are excluded. We want to ensure that your expectations are met and that you to be confident in knowing what you’re agreeing to.

2. Freight

Freight is a pricey item we’ve seen many producers leave off of a proposal. While this makes the overall pricing seem more favorable, freight will need to be added at the end, causing costly surprises for the client. Be sure to always check that the price you pay includes this necessary item. At Leesburg Concrete, freight is always included in our proposals.

3. Crane Setting & Operator

Installation of a precast concrete building requires the use of a crane. Leesburg Concrete will always include the costs of crane setting and crane operator in our bids. Other producers may leave these costs off or treat them as an add-on option, which can have serious costly increases when it comes time for install.

4. Features & Quality of Materials

Pay careful attention to the quality of building materials included on a bid. For example, Leesburg Concrete’s buildings include post-tensioned roofs and floors pulled to 33,000 pounds, making them watertight and highly durable. Other producers will use lower quality materials, and these qualitative differences can make comparing bids as different as apples and oranges. Similarly, producers may pour a concrete base using a concrete truck at approximately 3,500 PSI, the strength of which is subpar compared to the standard minimum 5,000 PSI concrete mix used by Leesburg (actually breaking at 6,800 PSI). Some projects require mix strengths far exceeding these standards. Leesburg Concrete is able to produce mix strengths to any requirements. Our proposals also include all appropriate fixtures, electric, etc. for each product use case, so our solutions are turnkey.

5. Certifications

Leesburg Concrete prides itself on its PCI certification. This certification assures that the products manufactured by Leesburg Concrete adhere to nationally accepted standards and are quality controlled and audited to ensure compliance. Manufacturers without this certification are not subject to the same rigorous quality standards.

Overall, when considering your options with regard to precast concrete buildings and manufacturers, it’s important to fully understand exactly what you are getting. With over 35 years in the precast concrete business, we’ve seen clients disappointed and frustrated with other manufacturers for adjusting the scope of work on the front end in the hopes of making costly changes later with the general contractor. 

Leesburg Concrete is in the business of providing an upfront, quality solution that meets our customers needs.

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