Leesburg Concrete Donates Soccer Goals to Local Team

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on March 6, 2020

Leesburg Concrete Company loves to support local businesses when possible, and public schools are no exception. When Carver Middle School’s soccer goals began to rust and fall apart, they were told that they would need to find a new location for their home games during the upcoming season. Vice President Kirk Rouse reached out to the school and offered to donate new goals made out of heavy duty aluminum to help the team keep their games at the school and prevent them from having this issue in the future.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Precast Concrete Building

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on January 9, 2020

Looking into buying a precast concrete building? In researching the options and partners available, there are a few common areas where variances between producers can turn into bigger challenges down the road. Whether you’re looking into precast concrete restroom, concession, utility or other types of buildings, keep these items in mind to ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

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What Does Leesburg Concrete's Design Process Look Like?

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on December 12, 2019

Leesburg Concrete recognizes the importance of aesthetics in a building’s design—so we make the process as efficient as possible while providing the opportunity for virtually limitless customization. 

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Comparing Portable Trailers & Precast Concrete Buildings [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on November 21, 2019

Which Is the Best Construction Solution for Your Classroom Project?

Portable trailers and precast concrete modular buildings are two main options to consider when evaluating classroom expansion solutions. The graphic below gives a quick overview of the pros and cons of each:

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How Improving Facilities Can Cost-Effectively Transform a Community

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on November 14, 2019

Time and again research touts the role of beauty in community satisfaction. The study City Beautiful notes, “‘Beautiful cities’ disproportionately attracted highly educated individuals and experienced faster housing price appreciation... Rents, incomes, and educational attainment increased faster in such ‘beautiful neighborhoods’”.

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Classroom Construction: School Life and Community Considerations

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on September 6, 2019

(This is the first in a three-part series. Read Part Two and Part Three here.)

Campus construction affects various members of a community, each having a vested interest in the adjustments made to a school. School administrators seeking to comply with Florida-established limits on core class enrollment have a handful of options at their disposal: portable trailers, precast concrete modular classrooms, and site-built construction.

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