Classroom Solutions: The Design Factor

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on October 4, 2019

design-factor-classroom-solutions-floridaDesign Options for Classroom Construction in Florida

Classroom solutions for school overpopulation can impact a school’s aesthetics—so the design process is a necessary consideration when deciding between portable trailers, traditional site-built construction, and precast concrete modular classrooms.

Portable Trailers

As an economical quick-fix intended for short-term use, portable trailers are mostly available in a standardized format. The standard format is what allows them to be deployed to a site quickly as a temporary stopgap, while ensuring conformance to engineering standards.

While it’s possible to spend money to customize portable trailers to some extent, they don’t lend themselves to complete customization, nor are they intended to serve as long standing additions to a school’s campus.

Traditional Site-Built Construction

Traditional site-built construction is an undertaking that involves the work of various outside professionals to bring a design to fruition, all of whom come at cost. An architect is needed to draw up a design for the expansion or new construction. A general contractor must then work with an engineer to finalize a set of engineering drawings, and put together a submittal package for approval by the Building Code Compliance Office (BCCO) to ensure conformity to building codes.

To construct the building, the general contractor brings in a myriad of sub trades, i.e. electricians, plumbers, etc. The entirety of this process can be lengthy and costly.

Precast Concrete Modular Classrooms

Precast concrete modular classrooms are a solution that balances the shorter construction timeline of portable trailers with the customization flexibility of traditional construction.

At Leesburg Concrete, the design process starts with an initial client consult during which we work with potential clients to understand their needs. We recognize that schools have spent considerable time and money to have the main campus exude a particular theme or motif, and it’s crucial to have any additional structures fit into or even enhance the theme.

As part of the process, the engineering is reviewed and approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for conformance to the various building codes. This makes for quicker reviews and approvals, which is important when schools have tight installation windows centered around school breaks.

When deciding upon a classroom construction solution, it’s important to consider the design process and how the end product will affect the school’s overall look and feel. Leesburg Concrete works with the client to develop both the design and footprint of the building as well as the architectural qualities in order to deliver what the client wants. 

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