Architectural Precast Wall Panels & Cladding

Architectural precast wall panels and cladding are the ideal choice for building construction in Florida and states throughout the southeast. Manufactured in our PCI Certified, climate-controlled environment, precast concrete wall panels and cladding provide a strong, durable facade. They stand up to the harshest weather, rain and wind and continue to look good year after year.


For architects, precast wall panels and cladding provide endless options for architectural design creativity on both interior and exterior walls. Your choice of size, texture, shapes, and integral colors is limitless. And precast cladding is economical when compared to building an actual stone or brick facade, for example.

When considering building materials, precast wall panels and cladding makes sense because the product is:

  • sustainable
  • energy efficient
  • non-combustible
  • easily installed,
  • provides a fire block,
  • offers acoustic benefits, and
  • requires little maintenance.

We offer traditional precast concrete wall panels and cladding, structural precast wall panels, and Slenderwall® by EasiSet. Whatever your needs, we can match your exact specifications with a custom precast concrete solution. 


If your construction project needs a high quality product that meets exacting standards, you can count on precast concrete wall panels and cladding from Leesburg Concrete. Call or email us today to get started on your project.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels & Cladding

Features & Benefits
  • Cost effective- on time and within budget, helps control material and labor costs
  • High speed of installation- often accelerates the construction schedule
  • Engineered and produced to withstand extreme weather events
  • Long lasting and durable material
  • Manufactured off-site
  • Can be brought into confined construction spaces
  • Minimal site impact and interruption
  • Customizable- virtually infinite choice of finishes and textures
  • Aesthetically pleasing due to design flexibility
  • High quality, low maintenance product
  • Safe, durable, sustainable construction
  • Highly uniform product
  • Energy efficient- Increased thermal mass, helping regulate building temperature
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