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Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. - PRECAST INC Cover Story

Posted by Precast Inc. on May-June 2015

PRECAST  INC Cover Story

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. Produces Insulated Architectural Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on May 4, 2015

Precast Bldg w Integral Insulation

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) has just completed its first installation of integrally insulated architectural precast concrete wall panels. LCCI chose a patented connector insulation system for constructing insulated concrete sandwich walls, Thermomass System NC for this initiative. This Thermomass system is fabricated to the exact panel dimensions and ensures the precast wall panel delivers the specified structural and thermal performance. The System NC features Owens Corning FOAMULAR® 250 energy saving, moisture resistant XPS insulation and Thermomass MC/MS fiber composite, corrosion alkali resistant connector series. These combined components result in an integral insulation system capable of exceeding the stringent energy code requirements presented by ASHRAE and IECC.

Leesburg Concrete Delivers DOE Approved Carson Restroom to Volusia County School

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on March 27, 2015

Leesburg Concrete delivers Carson Restroom to Volusia County Schools

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. delivered a precast concrete Carson model flush restroom and two precast concrete dugouts to Volusia County Schools. The precast concrete restroom building as well as the 30' x 8' Dugouts have been approved by the Department of Business Professional Regulations (DBPR). This approval includes State Requirements for Education Facilities (SREF) compliance.

The delivered restroom and dugouts include a DBPR insignia verifying by third party inspection that it was quality built and completed per the approved plans. The approved designs can be used by all 67 Public School Districts in the state of Florida and private educations facilities as well.

Leesburg Concrete Receives DBPR Manufactured Building Approval

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on March 27, 2015

Citrus Grove RR

This approval includes State Requirements for Education Facilities (SREF) compliance.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. received official notification from the Department of Business Professional Regulations designating two Easi-Set precast concrete buildings as produced by LCCI are "APPROVED" for use at schools.

Leesburg Concrete received the formal approval for the Type IIB Modular Construction Carson Model Flush Restroom and 30' x 8' Dugouts. The approval states:

Leesburg Concrete Hosts Precast Show 2015 Plant Tour

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on March 5, 2015

Leesburg Concrete Host NPCA Plant Tour 2015

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. hosted the NPCA 2015 Plant Tour. NPCA - National Precast Concrete Association Producer and Associate members toured Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc.'s facility in Leesburg, Florida as part of the Annual Precast Show which was held in Orlando, Florida this year. The Precast Show is known to be the largest precast-specific trade show in North America. Leesburg Concrete Company, which is an award winning NPCA Certified Plant, opened their facility to nearly 300 people from the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand.

Easi-Set precast products ideal solution for Military Market

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on February 27, 2015

MacDill Install Precast Bldg by Leesburg Concrete

Easi-Set's five product offerings can be the answer to meeting the needs of federal, state, local government and military projects.
MIDLAND, Va., March 5, 2015 – (OTCQB: SMID) Easi-Set Worldwide, a subsidiary of the Smith-Midland Corporation (DE) project update. No two projects are ever exactly alike even when using pre-manufactured materials. This statement is magnified when working in the government market, particularly military installations, because each job presents a different set of requirements

Trucks are Rolling, Mayport NAVFAC P425 LCS Building Project is Underway

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on December 23, 2014

Trucks are Rolling, Mayport NAVFAC P425 LCS Building Project is Underway

LCCI architectural precast concrete wall panels were produced for P425 LCS Logistics Support Facility, Naval Station Mayport Building Project, in Mayport, FL. Complementing likewise provided stairs, landings, stair shaft and elevator shaft walls, and dumpster enclosure, panels are multi-integral color/multi-textured to include grey masonry texture accent cast with aggregate into lower portion of panel, adobe buff in 2 upper sections cast with granite chips, blockouts, white sills, and reveals.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated Delivers More Floor to Floor Stairs In The Villages, Florida

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on September 8, 2014

Leesburg Concrete Floor to Floor Precast Concrete Stairs The Villages

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) produces high quality precast concrete floor to floor stairs and landings. In addition to many other stair projects, interior and exterior precast stairs have been produced and delivered to multiple Adult Living Facilities in The Villages, Florida. This large active retirement community is making sure the members of the community will have facilities which will continue to meet their needs as they mature resulting in stair orders for Leesburg Concrete.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. Set to Produce Precast PermaTrak® "Boardwalk" for North Tampa Bay Trail, Phase IV

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on August 8, 2014

Leesburg Concrete delivers PermaTrak precast boardwalk North Tampa Bay Trail

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) is preparing to manufacture the precast concrete "boardwalk" treads known as PermaTrak®. PermaTrak North America provides environmentally friendly precast concrete boardwalk and elevated greenway systems which are virtually maintenance free. Leesburg Concrete produces precast concrete components for PermaTrak.

Florida School District Saves Money

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on July 25, 2014

Precast Concrete Ramp Florida School District

Florida. Orange County Public Schools are busy readying their facilities in preparation of receiving students for the 2014-2015 school year. OCPS utilizes over 2000 portable classrooms affording them the ability to provide facilities within the county's fluctuating demographics.

The school district chose Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated's ramp, step and deck systems for their portable buildings which allows them to reuse the access systems year after year dramatically reducing the cost associated with classroom relocation while providing students safe, quiet and attractive access. LCCI moved an excess of 400 systems off and on classrooms already this summer.

Venetian Falls Turns To Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. For Pump House Solution

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on July 18, 2014

Leesburg Concrete Deliver Precast Concrete Pump House Solution for Venetian Falls

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) delivered a large floorless precast concrete Easi-Set Building to be placed over the rebuilt pump station used by the upscale community, Venetian Falls, in Venice, Florida. The custom 18' x 13 ½' x 8' precast concrete building with post tensioned roof was delivered, lifted and lowered over the pump station onto an expanded concrete slab floor in less than 1 day. "The Venetian Falls community did not want to be without well water in excess of one day so our Easi-Set Building offered just the solution they needed," said Brian Stock. "In addition they did not want to disconnect the well intake pipes if it was avoidable. We manufactured the precast building with a cutaway and a custom fit precast panel to adjoin and seal the void once installed to finish the wall. All of it was done with a skip trowel finish and custom paint to match the community's colors."

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated is Included in an Elite Group of Precasters

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on May 1, 2014

Leesburg Concrete Included in an Elite Group  Batch Plant

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) scored a home run/99.79 when they were reviewed un-announced by the NPCA auditors. NPCA plant audits are performed by independent, nationally accredited engineers and are conducted in varying months of the year, un-announced. The inspector spends a full day at the facility to closely examine management policies, production processes, raw materials, concrete mixes, QC procedures, reinforcement fabrication placement, casting, curing & stripping operations, and storage & handling. Being part of the NPCA Plant Certification program illustrates LCCI's commitment to produce high-quality precast concrete products. And the users and specifiers benefit because they can easily identify and select high-quality precast-concrete manufacturers. Plant certification is a stamp of excellence and top scorers are indeed an elite group. Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated is proud of this achievement and appreciates all that is required to maintain such a reliable quality status.

New Withlacoochee Trail Section and Expanding Custom Portfolio

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on June 19, 2014

Withlacoochee Bridge Finished Photo 2 Leesburg Concrete

May 16, 2014 marked the grand opening of the Dunnellon Trail Bridge. Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) was a part of this significant recreational project. "Our part was the design completion and manufacture of precast concrete elements and associated connections for the precast columns and ornamental structures of the pedestrian/bicycle bridge", said Shawn Thomas, V.P. at LCCI. "This trail is a new addition to the Florida Greenway Trails System. The finish is ground and polished concrete bases and caps and stained faux stone. We are thrilled to have a part in this project and to add this to our portfolio of custom products."

Rail, Rail, SunRail

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on June 19, 2014

LCCI Manufactures DOT Pedestrian Railing for SunRail

In April 2014, Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) completed the railing for Florida's new light rail project known as SunRail Phase I. LCCI's metal fabrication shop is DOT certified.

SunRail is a 61.5-mile commuter rail project in Central Florida. The first phase is 32-miles and will serve 12 stations, linking DeBary to Sand Lake Road; Phase II will serve 5 additional stations, north to DeLand and south to Poinciana.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. has been producing ADA compliant rails for their precast concrete access system since 1989. Their on-site miscellaneous metals shop was cable of doing more and so in 2011 LCCI started to bid and build larger projects which included interior and exterior metal floor to floor stairs and other Division 5 products. Leesburg Concrete knew SunRail was the right project for them.

Leesburg Concrete Responds

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on May 19, 2014

Winston Medical Center Louisville

Tornado Hit Winston County Regains Medical Center Access

On April 29, 2014, tornados ripped through Mississippi hitting Winston County.

On Thursday, May 15th, Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) received a call from Boxx Modular asking us to quote the delivery and installation of our precast concrete access system for tornado damaged Winston County, Mississippi so that county citizens would have reliable access to the temporary medical facility constructed to meet their medical needs until Winston Medical Center could be restored. The proposal if accepted would be contingent upon very quick delivery.

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Leesburg Concrete Puts on a New Face at Tyndall AFB

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on April 3, 2014

Leesburg Concrete Tyndall Precast Wall Panel

Architectural Precast Concrete Panels

In early April 2014, Kirk Rouse/Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) headed to Tyndall AFB in Panama City, Florida with crew and truckloads of custom architectural precast panels. Contracted by Apple Construction, we were tasked to manufacture, deliver and co-ordinate erection of the architectural panels. The project is still in construction and the panel installation is nearing completion.

The beautiful, integral buff colored, raised rib panels have a sandblast finish to expose the aggregate. "We were asked to match the existing surface and we nailed it." said Shawn Thomas, Vice President of Operations. "The project consists of a renovation and addition to an existing building at Tyndall AFB so the match needed to be perfect."

A Concrete Business Decision

Posted by Daily Commercial. on February 25, 2014


In a recovering economy, when you operate a company that is heavily dependent on new construction, it pays to diversify.

And Leesburg Concrete Company has done just that, last summer becoming the only Easi-Set Industries building licensee in Florida. The buildings are made of concrete panels, and are assembled before being delivered.

Easi-Set buildings can include bathrooms, storage sheds, dugouts, equipment rooms, concession stands, press boxes, telecom buildings, guard houses, generator buildings and hazardous material buildings, according to Kirk Rouse, a vice president and one of the owners of the family-owned Leesburg Concrete Company.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated, New Licensee, Wins Award

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on January 13, 2014

Leesburg Concrete New Easi-Set Licensee Wins Award

In June 2013, Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) became the newest member of the Easi-Set Buildings producer network. LCCI produces the buildings in their Leesburg, Florida NPCA certified plant.

By Sept. 14th, 2013 they had built and installed two buildings and won their first award at the Annual
Easi-Set Building Producers Seminar for the precast concrete restroom building pictured above. The Sierra Dry, an ADA compliant, vault restroom building was delivered fully-assembled to 4 park locations in Lake County, Florida by year end 2013. To date Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated has won contracts for 19 buildings.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated Steps Up

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on December 30, 2013

Custom Architectural Precast Stairs

In Autumn 2013, Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) produced an Architectural Precast concrete step system which was installed in front of the Starbucks in a premier Orlando Theme Park. The step system included blockouts for large cylindrical decorative columns, custom color and texture.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated also successfully built benches for the same customer earlier this year. Replacement benches included design improvements and required precise color and aggregate to match existing benches. LCCI continues to expand their custom precast concrete work portfolio.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated adds Easi-Set Buildings to Their Growing Product Line-Up

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on December June 1, 2013


In June 2013, Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated (LCCI) became the newest member of the Easi-Set Buildings producer network. Easi-Set Buildings® are the second product offering from the Easi-Set Worldwide line that LCCI will produce in their Leesburg, FL NPCA-certified plant. In June of 2010, LCCI became the first precaster in the Southeast to offer SlenderWall® architectural precast cladding panels. The addition of Easi-Set Buildings now allows LCCI to offer a full range of precast building products from small transportable buildings to high rise buildings.

Leesburg Concrete Produces Floodwall Wall Caps for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on December 8, 2012

Leesburg Concrete Floodwall Cap for USACE

Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System

Leesburg, FL, 2012 - Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. is a producer of diversified precast concrete products, built to your specifications, along with their standard product of precast concrete ramps, steps and decks with handrails and guardrails. We recently completed a wall cap order for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers who contracted with David Boland, Inc. to build the Segnette State Park Floodwall which is part of the Levee System Project in New Orleans. This part of the risk reduction project consists of T-Wall, floodgates and gate monoliths. USACE visited our state of the art batch plant at Leesburg Concrete to review our manufacturing and quality processes. After visiting our operation they approved both. The wall caps we built are a creative solution by Boland to meet the required wall height due to settling. We are proud to have participated in this project and we look forward to the continued expansion and use of our facility.

Leesburg Concrete Announces Results of Slenderwall® Blast Analysis

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on May 25, 2011

Slenderwall Rendering

Leesburg, FL - Slenderwall® precast architectural panel sytems, developed by Easi-Set® Industries, recently underwent low to medium level blast analysis performed by the Vicksburg, MS facility of Applied Research Associates. The conclusion is that Slenderwall® meets the requirements for low-medium level blasts and is a viable alternative as a cladding in conventional construction standoff distances for a primary gathering building. Read the full article at click here.

Leesburg Concrete Announces the SlenderWall® Building System Receives the Miami-Dade Certification

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on May 9, 2011

SlenderWall Paenl Leesburg Concrete

Leesburg, FL, May 9, 2011 - Leesburg Concrete is pleased to announce that the SlenderWall® Architectural Precast Concrete/ Steel Stud Cladding System, which is manufactured at Leesburg Concrete's 18,000 square foot state of the art facility in Leesburg, FL, is now certified by Miami-Dade County, FL. Read full article at click hear.

SlenderWall® complies with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code and is rated to be Impact resistant to Large and Small Missiles. SlenderWall® is ideal for many types of coastal and non-coastal building applications.

Leesburg Concrete Receives School District Contracts

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on February 23, 2011

Florida High School with ADA Ramps by Lessburg Concrete

Leesburg Concrete, a manufacturer of architectural precast concrete cladding and modular ADA compliant ramps and steps with rails, has been awarded multiple bids with long term contracts with Florida County School Districts for product purchase, product lease, installation and relocation of precast concrete and aluminum ramps, steps and decks.

Ramps, steps and decks can be purchased or leased via Florida Contract piggyback pricing from Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc., Inc. Piggyback pricing allows other school districts to use the same cost structure without going through a costly bid process.

Leesburg Concrete is Staffing Up to Support SlenderWall® Building System Initiative

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on July 7, 2010

Leesburg Company

Staff Expansion Opens up New Opportunities in Utility and Communications Markets

Leesburg, FL, July 9, 2010 - Leesburg Concrete, a leading manufacturer of precast concrete steps, ramps, and decking, as well as metal guardrails and handrails, is pleased to announce they have recently added two new staff members to support their growing business. The additions include Scott Ward, a talented carpenter with over 25 years of experience as a form carpenter for concrete, and Kevin Larrabee, a sales team member for the Florida region. Kevin's main focus will be to provide personal service and solutions for contractors in the Utility and Communications markets.

Leesburg Concrete is Now a Licensed Manufacturer of the SlenderWall® Building System

Posted by Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. on June 2, 2010

Slenderwall Cutaway

New Manufacturing Facility Near Orlando is Ramping Up for Production

Leesburg, FL, June 2, 2010 - Leesburg Concrete, a leading manufacturer of precast concrete steps, ramps, and decking, as well as metal guardrails and handrails, is pleased to announce that they have just entered a licensing agreement with Easi-Set® Industries to manufacture SlenderWall®.

SlenderWall is a lightweight, architectural precast concrete/steel-stud building-panel wall system that is used for new construction, re-cladding, and renovation of large, multi-story commercial buildings. Leesburg Concrete chose to partner with Easi-Set Industries, the developer of SlenderWall® because they feel the product offers a complete system utilizing proven production techniques, materials and technologies.

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